Sunday, July 23, 2006

Because it's summer, that's why.

I've been off doing summery things instead of hanging around the office and the web. Until recently, it's been sticky and hot, and the offices are on the fourth floor of a non-air conditioned building.

So we've been playing at the swimming hole that's about a ten minute walk behind our house. Floated down the river on big rubber tubes last week. Spent some time at the nudie beach to the north of us (though neither of us did the naked thing - note to self: remember to not look down!). I love swimming in fresh water. Makes me very happy. Jay, not so much, but that's only because he doesn't have enough body fat to keep warm... he mostly stays on shore or on top of one of the tubes. I think it's because I'm a fish and he's a crab. Pisces and Cancer, dontcha know.

Done some hiking - Mt. Mooselauke, Jay Peak, Burke Mountain, Mt. Pisgah, and Mt. Mansfield. Mansfield we did yesterday - probably the most interesting climb I've done in a while. The top was more climb/scramble than hike. We abandoned our usual hiking poles well below the summit so we'd have free use of both hands. Going up was fun. Coming down was a might trickier. Thank goodness it didn't start raining until we'd gotten off the exposed rock. I did managed one good fall... glided down a patch of open rock on the trail when my poles skidded out in front of me. Fortunately, I caught myself on my shin and knee and not my face.

And even though I've been neglecting the blog, I've been writing quite a bit. Passed the 100K mark on Book 2 a few weeks ago. Also been keeping up with the crit circle on FM. I'm amazed at how much I do get out of critiquing other people's work. It helps me put a more critical eye to my own work and eliminate all the things from my writing that drive me crazy as a reader.

Other than that... well, knitting is going well. I have a solid start on xmas presents for this year. Family? Mom's still wishywashy, Dad's dosing me with guilt over my mom, but the siblings seem to be doing well. I think. Jay and I are working on plans for a trip up the Maine coast the 2nd week of August. We stopped in to ogle kayaks in Stowe yesterday on the way home. Pretty.

So... I'm alive, and mostly well. Boring, but not bored. I can live with that.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

One Year

I am happy to report that both Jay and I have mostly survived our first year of marriage. Mostly.

All I can say is the year went fast, damn fast. And we're going out tonight to my most favoritest restaurant that has the seasonal organic menu... tasty.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Holy Headbutt, Batman

Just finished watching the World Cup game, and all I can say is... WTF!?!? What the hell provokes that kind of reaction? I really can't even imagine.

But, great game, despite the American commentators who don't know how to do their job. I thought France should have won it... penalty kicks are such a crappy way to win or lose.

Anyway... just my two cents.

Still can't believe that headbutt. My god.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

A Question for the English Block

And for anyone else who might have opinions...

Starting to do the preliminary plans for a belated honeymoon. We're thinking England-Scotland-Wales for about 2 weeks next summer (2007).

Question is, weather and crowd-wise, would you recommend the last two weeks in May, or the first two weeks in August?

We're leaning towards August, but I know that in France, the whole country is on vacation then and it's not the greatest time to be there. Just wondering if the UK is similiar or no.