Monday, April 26, 2004

Just hook me to the IV

I have a problem. I live in the desert (okay, I think we're technically two steps up from a desert here... tundra? steppe? I dunno.) and I am unable to remember to drink enough damn water during the day. I wake up in the middle of the night, gasping like a fish out of water. Myah, myah, myah... This, despite the humidifier, too.

It's highly annoying. Yeah, no d'uh. (junior high flashback woowoowoowoo.) Dehydration makes me sleepy, and a wee bit slow, not to mention loop dee loopy. So I think I'll make drinking water my goal for the week.

Yep, aim high, people.

Glug glug glug...

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Am I THAT Age?

Seems like all my friends are getting married and having babies... when did I get to be THAT age?

In any case, congrats to Steve and Anna and the ridiculously adorable Ian Patrick. I hope the fact that he was born on 4-20 will not be an indication of future trouble. hah hah.

I can almost understand my friend Kathryn's "I want a baby" obsession. I mean, I want a baby. Several, even. Just not this year.

Monday, April 19, 2004


Neglecting the blog. Ironically, it's because I have too much time on my hands.

How does that work?

Well, since Jay is out of town, I have fewer reasons not to spend my entire day in front of the computer click-clacking away. So I have been forcing myself to come up with reasons to not spend the entire day in front of the computer. Been doing pretty well, in fact. Except for having to spend several hours working on prep stuff for this week's lesson planning...

Since thursday, I have:

  • Been to the gym 3 times
  • Been to the grocery store 4 times... (should have made a list) but at least I walked twice!
  • Watched 3 movies (I Capture the Castle, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and the first four episodes of season 2 of Sex and the City)
  • Realized that Sex and the City is sometimes too painful to watch.
  • Finished (except for the overlay border on the lid) painting the tea box for my friends who "eloped" a month or so ago.
  • Refilled the humidifer
  • Realized that the reason I couldn't get warm was because the heat was turned off
  • Turned on the heat
  • Made salad
  • Ate salad and leftover burritos...
  • to make up for eating cold cereal and popsicles for dinner the night before.
  • Went to brunch with a friend
  • Bought four new French books
  • Put together extensive lists of irregular French verbs
  • Compiled four pages of anonymous French poems/nursery rhymes

Not such a bad list. I could even add "washed the dishes" and "took out the trash", but then you might think I didn't do those things on a regular basis or something... *innocent look*

Friday, April 16, 2004

Not Inertia

Allergies hit me hard today. I think this is the worst I've experienced since moving out west in 1999. All these ridiculous flowering trees which I am pretty sure are not native to Utah... blegh. Might have to break down and go see the doctor for a prescription of the hard stuff, because the Claritin is not even touching this.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Just Stuff

So today Jay left for Houston for a three week NASA-sponsored project for which he will be doing daily forecasts. Great practice for him, looks good on the resume, and dang but they're paying him, too.

What this means for me, however, is that I no longer have a personal chef or bed pre-warmer. At least not until May 5th (Cinco de Mayo!) when the boy returns home.

Related or not, I've also become overwhelmed with a sense of inertia... can't seem to focus long enough to get anything done. Of course, except for the job fair I went to earlier today. Picked up information from the schools I was interested in, dropped off a few resumes at the schools who were accepting them, and interviewed at the one district that was doing interviews (out of the 6 I was interested in).

So even though it's nearly 8:15, I think I am going to haul my ass to the gym... before it gets any bigger. (I don't know why, but everytime Jay goes out of town I feel this sick compulsion to stuff myself with food... strange, indeed.)

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Hauling Babies

We had dinner the other night with two of our friends who had a baby back in August. Everyone has always told me how natural I look -- and how easy I make it look -- with a baby in my arms. What they don't know, is that I didn't start out that way - OH NO. But since the first time, twenty-six years ago, I've learned a few things...

Now, the first time I suppose can be excused since I was, afterall, only two years old. And I was only acting on true sibling love and concern. Really.

My mother -- who was younger then than I am today (EEK) -- had left Sweet Baby Robby laying on his blanket in the bedroom while she went to get something from the bathroom. In a panic, knowing that Sweet Baby Robby could neither talk nor walk by himself, I snagged the chunky little ball of fat under one arm and over the other (yes, that means I was choking him...) and hauled him after our maternal figure. "MOOOOOOMM!! Don't forget the BABY!!" Hence began the years of well-intentioned, but still harmful, sibling abuse.

Robby passed it on when he laid 4 month old Karlyn on the dining room table... and she rolled off and fractured her skull. No wonder the girl's got issues. I'm trying to think what we did to Kerri, but I'm drawing a blank.

All I know is that by the time I was 10 and a half, I had practiced juggling no fewer than three babies (one at a time). And after years of high school babysitting jobs, I'd juggled many more (one at a time). So, yeah, I make it look easy with other people's kids... But I'm getting a lot more sleep than their parents are and I've had more experience than your average only child.

This in no way implies that I am ready for one of my own. It just would not mesh well with the whole first year of teaching thing. Nope. Sorry.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Breathing room

Today was the last day of school before Spring Break. So I have off until next Wednesday. Yay!!!

Now I get to play catch up on critiques, writing, and lesson plan creation. Oh, the thrill of it all. No, actually, I picked up the 50K on Retribution that I wrote during NaNo, and it's not nearly as bad as I expected it to be. What's funny is that I don't remember writing parts of it... but it must have come from somewhere.

Friday, April 02, 2004

Drive-by posting

Whooosh! See me run back and forth... Last night I finished my Master's degree. Now I just have to finish my student teaching in order to complete certification requirements.

Whooosh! Back out the door...