Friday, March 28, 2003


And so happy. At least for now. If I have more trouble than anticipated with the temping thing, maybe then I won't be so happy. But for now... bliss.

Had to postpone the GC trip for a week -- too much school stuff to get done before next Thursday to be traipsing off south. Alas. I imagine the place will still be there next week, though.

On the subject of Daves...

So I was reading this blog, Styrofoamkitty, in which the author mentions poor Dave experiences. So rings a bell. As I thought about the Daves I have known - only one in the biblical sense, swear - and every single one of them is kind of screwy. One cheated on all his girlfriends (one of whom was my friend and another who was my xcountry ski instructor... hello, awkward situation?), another is super anal (yet adorable in a I'd never go there sort of way) and conservative and just all around uptight and pissed off, another is with this chick who makes me crazy so there must be something wrong with him... just haven't put my finger on it yet.

But the main Dave - the David I obsessed over for way too long (like 4 years, okay?) - I have to say that though he really did a number on me, I learned a hell of a lot from the experience. I learned that being "in love" makes you stupid and blind and willing to overlook a lot of stuff that shouldn't be overlooked. I learned that a guy who doesn't like himself much won't appreciate the fact that you like him a lot. (Though, I confess, I made this mistake again briefly.) I learned not to believe everything that a guy told me when he was in the throws of yet another life crisis. I learned that sometimes it doesn't matter how much you love a person - sometimes it's not going to work out anyway. Most importantly, I learned that if I'm not good at being happy on my own, then I'm pretty well f**ked. Because being miserable unless someone else is around and paying attention to you SUCKS. SUCKS. SUCKS. It's a sucky way to live.

And that, folks, is why I think wedding ceremonies that emphasize putting someone else's needs and wants ahead of your own all the time is freaking stupid and a total recipe for disaster. So not smart.

And with that thought, I am going to go check on my highlights before the fumes make me pass out. It's time to be blonder again. Ha!

Monday, March 24, 2003

Still here

I've just been in a reading phase - 4 books a week. It would be more, but I have other things to do, like working, showering, talking to Jay... I also have a lot to say but my mind is feeling mushy and I can't quite put it all together.

I have two more shifts remaining at the hotel. Tonight and Wednesday night. Friday morning I'm going to head down to the Grand Canyon to visit with the remnants of my old crew down there and also to get in some good highway therapy. Honestly, driving along at 65+ mph for extended periods of time relaxes me big time. If the weather cooperates, I may even take the hike down to Phantom. Phantom Ranch, that is. At the bottom of the Canyon.

I still don't have a job. I turned down the receptionist position at Youth Care because I don't think I really want to hop back into a full time job right away. I don't think the 9-5 gig would go well with student teaching in the fall either.

Alrighty - I really must run - too many errands overdue. BUT I intend to speak soon on the subject of the name Dave and why men named Dave or David should be avoided in most cases... it's an old story, but still valid in this day and age. Ha.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Another reason to SLC

Not at the hotel! Did you think I'd lost my mind? Hah!

No, I was cruising blogs, and one of the blogs I read links to Neil Gaiman's blog. Since he was just in Salt Lake last weekend, I thought I would check it out and see how he liked the new biblio-palace. Evidently, he found it way cool. His description is pretty accurate. If you're interested click on Neil Gaiman's Blog and scroll down to the March 8th entries.

It is a damn sweet library and I can't wait to have more free time so I can establish my own fortress on the second floor. I mean, an art gallery, a 4 storey stacked fire place, coffee shop, comic store, ethernet pugs ins on the desks...

I still think this is weird state, but they give good library

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

I just want out!

Why in the world did I say I would stay for 3 weeks to help with training? Why? What in the world was I thinking? Aaagghhh!!! Every day I want to kill her more. Her being that creature who they tell me is my boss but who can't possibly be because she is so ignorant.

She doesn't ask questions, she makes demands. She doesn't pass on information, but tells me that I am the source of the problem because I don't communicate with her. She has great plans for the front desk, but they'll never come to pass because no one respects her.

On the up side... 12 more shifts and it will no longer be my problem.

Also - I got a great birthday package from the family this week. Girl Scout cookies, chocolates from my other family in France (host family from 1996 study abroad), a couple books, a teddy bear, some comfy clothes, and the cutest picture of me and my baby sister - she must be about 2 years old which would make me about 12 or 13. She's leaning on me as we watch TV and her little baby belly's hanging out and she sucking her thumb. Oddly enough, her other hand is not on her belly button, which is how she spent most of her toddler years: one thumb in her mouth with her index finger curled over her nose and the other index finger stuck in her belly button.

Such a cute baby she was.

But thank goodness for my baby sisters. Got to know the reality of babies early. Still want them, just not in so much of a hurry, if you know what I mean.

Monday, March 10, 2003


I feel miserable. My head is stuffed. I'm coughing. And I get to go to work tonight and explain to people why we have no rooms for them since the sales department oversold us by 34 rooms.

14 more shifts and I am rid of the place. Consensus says that the front desk will crumble without me. I disagree, but I think it's going to go back to super high turnover rate and our service levels will plummet. Boom. Crash.

But that's not my concern any more. Thank god.

Friday, March 07, 2003

I did it!

I put in my two weeks notice this morning. Scary, since I don't have anything lined up yet. But it felt sooooo good. Soooo good. I can't explain how good it felt. But it felt really good. hee hee!