Sunday, October 26, 2003


I'm finding it extremely hard to be motivated for school anymore. I feel like I'm just jumping through the hoops at this point. Maybe I'd feel differently if our instructor wasn't a complete moron. He's not stupid, he's just an ass. Two more weeks of him and we get to move on though. Back to one of the instructors we had near the beginning - for our third class, I think. And this next class should be interesting. It's officially titled "Action Research" and is supposed to replace what would otherwise be a Master's thesis.

Too bad, because I would LOVE to see some of the yahoos in my program try to write a thesis. Most of them bitch and moan over five pages... Maybe that's the real reason I'm sick of the program. We're all a little burned out, but some of these guys are acting like ten years olds who've been kept inside too long. They practically sit there pouting.

The other night, we went to the Eccles Broadcast center up at the University of Utah to see where and how they broadcast the Ednet system (very cool) and then drove back to school for the last half of class. The instructor was late getting back, so two of the guys decided that they wanted to get home earlier than usual that night and set the clock in the room ahead twenty minutes.

Hello, fifth graders?

I'm not just disgusted with our instructor anymore, now I'm ready to smack half my classmates. No wonder the prospect of blowing off class to go to the NaNo kickoff has me excited.


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