Saturday, July 24, 2004

Oh, but she did... and she was

Alien Posing as Human: "Um, yes, I uh, well, you see, I'm looking at this... Here I see in the... You know what this is? In the paper. Your... for your restaurant. What does it mean?

Me: What does what mean, Ma'am?

APaH: The ad. The coupon. In the paper. The Tribune, I mean. What does it mean?

Me: I'm sorry, which advertisement are you looking at? We have several running right now.

APaH: The one for the restaurant. It says Two Dash Four Dash One. What is that supposed to mean?

Me: Oh, you must be looking at the early bird special. It's two for one entrees.

APsH But what does that mean?!?!

Me: Uh... it means that when you purchase one entree, you get one for free. In other words, you get two for the price of one...

APaH: Oh, well, that's very confusing the way it's written here.

Me: ....(I could come up with no appropriate response at the time.)

APaH: So we but dinner for one person, and you give us one dinner free?

Me: Well, not the whole dinner, just the entree.

APaH: What's an entree?

This kind of questioning continued for another five minutes. They made reservations for dinner tonight.... I warned the restaurant on my way out this afternoon. Oy. Can't wait to hear about them tomorrow.

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