Tuesday, May 09, 2006

round three, coming up

Yesterday afternoon, met with the current Admissions Director who will be moving into the HR position and the Headmistress. Loved the Headmistress. Loved her. Pretty sure it was mutual. Tomorrow morning I meet with HER boss in what I hope will be the final interview before they say, "Ms. Fabulous, come work with us immediately. We'd like to pay you lots of money."

I knew all those years in the hospitality industry would come in handy some day. New job kind of equals Education + Customer Service. The education aspect takes care of the frivolous nature of most customer concerns - I could never muster the appropriate sympathy for a person who wanted a view of the Great Salt Lake from downtown. (For those of you who aren't familiar with Salt Lake, this would be an impossibility.) The admissions bit (which I think of as admin level customer service) means that I still get to interact with students, but don't have to create lesson plans that fulfil every last flaming hoop requirement, or grade a hundred badly written papers.

So hopefully... best of both worlds.

Tomorrow, 9:30am EDT... think happy thoughts my way.

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