Tuesday, December 26, 2006

iPod Love

Jay got me a 2G nano for christmas and our neighbor filled it up for me - need to weed out some of it, but found a few new favorites. The Be Good Tanyas - love them love them love them. Something about the combination of their voices and the lyrics and everything. Makes me very happy.

Also got Hayseed Dixie's hillbilly tribute to AC/DC - hilarious. Ryan Adams - whom I'd never heard of, but who I'm really enjoying. Bunch of Gillian Welch and some Steve Earle. A few good Beck songs - a few I'm going to delete as soon as possible. (I tend to either love Beck's songs or hate them - not much middle ground.) Old 97's seem pretty good, as do the Jayhawks and Jim Miller & Buffalo Country. I'll have to keep listening... kind of got hung up on the Be Good Tanyas.

Good to have friends with connections.


devan said...

Elizabeth and I heard that hillbilly tribute to AC/DC while driving across Ohio a few years back. Some radio station was playing the whole thing shortly after it was released. It was amazingly well-done, but a laugh-riot as well.

kate said...

Glad someone else has had the joy of listening to Big Balls with extra banjo action. ;-)