Monday, March 05, 2007

Back to the grind

On the last day of my 30th year...

I really need to be prepping for class, but I didn't want to leave Grandma's obit at the top of the page any longer.

So, here's the easy way out:

This is the hat I made for K2's birthday last month. My own pattern.

k2 earflap hat (on me)

These are the matching mittens.

k2 matching mittens

And here's what happens after grading 30 english comp papers:

of two minds


sue said...

VERY nice!

nita said...

WE NEED MORE KATE HATS! but a little bigger...we are the melonheaded family...

kate said...

thanks. :-)

And funny you should say that, nita. Your vibes must have come through because I was looking at some yarn last night and thinking, "maybe I should make Nita a hat that fits..."

BUT HAH - I'm knitting for myself now. Dammit.

Maybe next winter. ;-)

nita said...

it must have been a giant ball of yarn


i can wait :)