Monday, November 26, 2007

Disney whooped my ass

Went to Disney with my family - Jay, the parents, brother, 2 sisters, niece. 8 people in two rooms. Crowded, but mostly good. Disney designs the rooms so you don't really want to spend much time in them anyway. The better to spend money elsewhere in the parks, of course...

Magic Kingdom was lame as usual - could have skipped it happily. MGM isn't my favorite either - but the live car stunt show was pretty damn awesome. Animal Kingdom was really nice... and one of my favorite new phrases came from the Maharajah's Jungle Trek. (But is it bigger than a bat penis?) Epcot was the coolest, of course. Our favorite was "Turtle Talk with Crush" - animated, interactive show with the sea turtle from Finding Nemo - they load the front of the room with little kids and then ask them questions that Crush responds to. Hi-lar-i-ous.

Little kid: Um um um why was the um fish afraid of the turtle?
Crush: I dunno little dude, why *was* the fish afraid of the turtle?
LK: Because, um, da fish was um um um afraid of the fish!

Little kid jokes... so funny because they make absolutely no sense.

Went back to the show twice.

Food was pretty good, too. Fulton's Crab House - tasty tasty seafood. Rainforest Cafe - not anyone's favorite, but the only place we could get a reservation for 8 on Thanksgiving. In Epcot we had Morrocan take-away for lunch, ate at the Japanese steakhouse for dinner, and had tirimisu and torta di ciocolata for dessert in Italy.

Drank too much (always happens around my brother) and slept too little. Wouldn't want to do it again any time soon, but enjoyed the time in the sun with the family.

Should have internet access at home starting next week (if the satellite installation guys can make it on Saturday), so things might actually pick up around here again.


nita said...

do NOT let those satellite dudes leave your place without checking that you have an actual signal. AND even if they look totally positive, don't let them put it on a tree 10 feet into a forest. trust a vt. sista ;)

kate said...

Don't worry - Jay is going to be there for the install and he's going to make sure there's a signal because he'll have to work from home that day... the joys of one car.

But thanks for the heads up. :-)

sue said...

We can't wait!!!!
Sounds like a busy Thanksgiving...