Saturday, December 07, 2002

It's finally happened: I'm slightly mad Ach, well, maybe not just slightly, eh? Finally, after a 5 hour ORDEAL, we have internet access at the new apartment. Took for frickin' ever. The poor installer guy was about to shoot himself. Strangely, I found it all quite funny--especially when he had his ladder balanced on the roof of a shed to lean across to the filter box on the powerline pole with the neighbor's dogs barking at him. Heh heh. But I do have a sicko sense of humor, I suppose.

So...interesting day at work. Creed is in town for their concert on the 12th and their crew is all staying at our hotel. They, of course, are not staying with us, because we are not glitzy enough for them. Their tour manager is a hoot though. One guy got all pissy with me because his room wasn't ready yet (we were sold out last night and they arrived 2 hours before our check in time). As he walks away to sit down, the tour manager says "Yeah, sorry about him. He's new."

Honestly, I've never had a group check in so smoothly with so few complaints. So here's to the roadies and the tour managers and the video technicians, et al. Creed may be a bunch of big babies, but their support staff ROCKS.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming....zzzzzzzzz

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