Wednesday, December 25, 2002

Merry Christmas! My dad just arrived from Pittsburgh...and I'm at work until midnight. Not that I'm entirely sure that isn't the preferable situation, mind you. I'm tired and he's hyper. He also thinks it's weird that we don't have a TV. Or rather, that we have a TV but don't have cable so the only thing it's good for is watching movies with the VCR. I pointed him to the radio, the CD's the couch and my reading blanket (microfleece....mmmmm). There's 2 Dos Equis in the fridge and some good cheese to go with bread or crackers. He should be just fine until I can get out of here.

Weeney boy called from Jersey... they got a ton of snow, so he's all excited. Well good for him, I guess. He got what he wanted for Christmas.

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