Thursday, April 15, 2004

Just Stuff

So today Jay left for Houston for a three week NASA-sponsored project for which he will be doing daily forecasts. Great practice for him, looks good on the resume, and dang but they're paying him, too.

What this means for me, however, is that I no longer have a personal chef or bed pre-warmer. At least not until May 5th (Cinco de Mayo!) when the boy returns home.

Related or not, I've also become overwhelmed with a sense of inertia... can't seem to focus long enough to get anything done. Of course, except for the job fair I went to earlier today. Picked up information from the schools I was interested in, dropped off a few resumes at the schools who were accepting them, and interviewed at the one district that was doing interviews (out of the 6 I was interested in).

So even though it's nearly 8:15, I think I am going to haul my ass to the gym... before it gets any bigger. (I don't know why, but everytime Jay goes out of town I feel this sick compulsion to stuff myself with food... strange, indeed.)

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