Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Last Saturday

This was just a very nice day. Very nice.

Don't remember exactly how it started. Or maybe I do and I'm just not telling, take your pick.

I dropped Jay off at work and drove into the booming metropolis (population 8000) to the south of us. Then I went for my appointment at the "pricy" salon for a new haircut. I say "pricy" because I've been talking to my sister in NYC, and "pricy" in VT is still 50% less than "dirt cheap" there. Wonderful experience, the stylist's deodorant failure notwithstanding. (And after many trips to Europe, body odor just doesn't gag me like it does some people.) First there was the intense hairbrushing scalp massage, followed by a neck and shoulder rub, leading to lovely hair washing... sigh. And then he actually gave me what I asked for without making me give detailed instructions.

So now my hair is shorter in the back than in the front, and the front part just reaches my chin. Hasn't been this short since that bowl cut back when I was four, but I totally love it. Left a huge tip because I thought they undercharged for what they were offering. I was expecting to spend ten or twenty dollars more.

Then back to the school to retrieve the boy.

And then. AND THEN. We drove over to Stowe to the Umiak Kayak shop and bought this boat. Woo hoo! Well, we didn't actually get to take it home with us yet, because we decided to get the one that's in the rental fleet this summer, and we can't have it until Labor Day weekend. (Sept 2nd) And, since Jay had a bit more left in his Utah account than remembered, we're considering a second boat as well. Especially since the rising oil prices are going to mean that next year's models are going to be significantly more expensive.

And THEN, we had a tasty dinner at Positive Pie2 in Montpelier. Yum yum, scallops and artichokes and white sauce over freshly made spaghetti.

And THEN we drove home and watched the Angel DVD that had come in the mail from Netflix.

Not a rotten moment the whole day. Love that.

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