Sunday, August 27, 2006

Vermont Color for the Weekend

Friday night Jay and I joined the ground crew for a couple who regularly go up in their hot air balloon. Jay, hvaing already tagged along with the chase car once, got to go up in the basket for the hour-long flight. Not quite as exciting from the ground, but a really interesting experience I never expected to have. We've both volunteered to be on their list of people to call when they need crew.

Saturday, we spent most of the afternoon and evening at a local family's end of summer extravaganza. Emphasis on the extravaganza. Their property is fairly large, and includes a seven hole golf course, a barn full of memorabilia from the satirical political campaigns of Danny Gore, and a garage full of other Vermont memorabilia, including a steam engine that can be stoked up to blow an old train whistle.

We played badminton, golf, disc golf, and listened to the bluegrass band who showed up around dinner time. We ate a truly random assortment of summer salads, fresh bread, and corn on the cob, not to mention tasty little squares of a dozen different desserts. And to top the night off, we watched the best fireworks show I've seen in years. This was no backyard special, no. The family knows people. Fun people. People with licenses to buy mortars and shoot them into the sky.

And Sunday? Well, today's been all rainy, so we're up at school playing on the computers. Hence the blog entry.

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