Saturday, June 09, 2007

Wiltshire etc

As we departed London, we stopped back at Heathrow to pick up our rental car. There we had the unfortunate experience of meeting Claude at Europcar. Guy obviously either had mental problems or some sort of thing against Americans. Maybe both. He insisted in speaking to us in Spanish for some unfathomable reason (he wasn't a native Spanish speaker) and then asking snottily, "Did you have any idea what I'm saying to you?" Bizarre. And enough to make me never want to rent from them again.

Anywho, once we escaped Claude's clutches, the drive to Salisbury went remarkably smoothly, considering the whole reversed driving situation. It helped that it was only a two hour drive, and that it was pretty much a straight shot.

We checked in at Holmhurst Guest House

Holmhurst Guest House

and parked our little Fiat Punto

Jay & the Punto

before heading over to check out the Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral 1

and into town for dinner.


The next day, we headed south down to Poole and Swanage. I might be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure that it's Bournemouth on the opposite side of the bay behind me in the next picture.

Kate with Bournemouth in distance

We walked the Coastal Path about two miles west from Swanage and back. Gorgeous.

England's Coastal Path

Caves near Swanage

Kate & Jay England Coast

We ogled Corfe Castle on the way back,

Corfe Castle

but decided not to go in because we were getting tired and we wanted to detour out to see the Cerne Giant near Cerne Abbas. Not really on the way back to Salisbury, but Jay and I saw it in a documentary recently and we couldn't resist going a bit out of our way to get a first hand look

Kate & Cerne Giant

so to speak.

In the interest of not crashing anyone's computer, I'll pause here.

Next up: Stonehenge and Avebury.


nita said...

wowza! the pictures are amazing! you guys both look super :)

as for claude, try piglatin! ucktardfay would have kept him guessing for mas semanas :)

kate said...

Claude was just a sad, sad little man. Irksome at the time, but rather comical in retrospect.


But next time, definitely pulling out the iglatinpay. Heh.

sue said...

I had to do a report on Stonehenge once - it's a pretty cool place!

Claude is just an asshat.