Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wrapping it up

I'm getting tired of the trip posts, but I can't leave it half done, so here's the rest...

From Derby we drove up to Keswick in the Lakes District. We stopped at Sizergh Castle on the way there, mostly to break up the drive a bit. We, of course, did another walk there. Should have been a short 2 mile loop, but we made a wrong turn and ended up wandering some fields in the wrong direction for about an extra mile or so. No pictures of the castle itself, as the exterior was covered with scaffolding and the interior was too dim for photos, but here's a shot of the grounds (or near the grounds...)

grounds of Sizergh Castle

We stayed at Ellergill House - probably our favorite B&B of the trip. Room was simple but elegant, location was excellent, food very good (and they had veggie sausage!), and the owners were around our age. I think we just felt more comfortable there than at any of the other places. So thanks to Robin and Clare!

Here's the street we stayed on:

Stanger St. in Keswick

Main Street - a pedestrian zone - Moot House at the center there.

Downtown Keswick

This is Jay's favorite sign:

Jay's favorite sign

One day we split up. Jay hiked Skiddaw and Barrow

Keswick & Derwentwater

and I walked up to Castlerigg Stone Circle and then back into town.

Castlerigg Stone Circle

path away from Castlerigg

Kate's hike near Keswick

The next day we drove toward Ullswater and walked down to Aira Force.

Aira Force (Ullswater)

Aira Force 4

From there we drove toward Windermere, stopping along the way so Jay could climb up Red Screes, since its elevation is listed as 777, which happens to be his birthday. We stopped in Ambleside for lunch - great little bakery/restaurant, whose name I completely forget, but they are apparently well known for their apple pie.

After lunch we ducked over to Hawkshead to visit Beatrix Potter's home. Unfortunately, the gallery was closed by the time we got there, but we drove up to Tarn Hows and walked around the lake before heading back up to Keswick.


This was our first day of not-sunny weather, and we got lost trying to find the Guesthouse because we had a too-small map, and apparently the streets change name at every intersection. Eventually we just stumbled upon it by accident.

Ascot House

After moving in to the tiniest room imaginable (way up on the tippy top floor), we went walking on the walls.

Kate on York's wet walls

Yorkminster from the walls

York seems like an interesting place. I kind of wish we had spent another day there, but by this point, we were pretty much vacationed out. But really, how can you not appreciate a place that has signage like this:

Man Boobs

Whip Ma Whop Ma Gate

Kinky Donuts

From York we drive back to London, and between being tired and the weather being kind of crappy, we just stayed in at the airport Holiday Inn until it was time to leave (at 5am! Ack.)


nita said...

PLEEEEASE tell me you brought me a kinky donut shirt!

i'll be in bton soon for a 2 day training. wanna have lunch? i promise i won't have a red bull :)

kate said...

which two days? :-)

sue said...

Very, very nice...

Alex Roddie said...

WOW! I know all the places in these photos really well ... in fact I was there only last week!

Looks like you had a great trip.

Rodrigo said...

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devan said...

Amazing trip, wonderful places, great B&B's! Makes me want to go back to Europe; I'm salivating.

Idly, how did you decide where to go and how did you find all those lovely out of the way places? (Castles, waterfalls, peaks of "x" elevation, and the places you stayed as well?)

P.S. Good old Rodrigo, he's such a witty fellow.

Kevin said...

Oh, I seriously seriously need to shanghai Leann and take a jaunt around Europe. Your whole trip looks wonderful.

*sigh* maybe next year. But... we've got a house now! Details forthcoming.