Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I think the problem is that I'm thinking about too many things at once. I actually have about four different blog entries I'd like to write, but I've been knitting and reading and traveling instead.

We spent this last weekend down in New Jersey visiting Jay's family for his 30th birthday. A nice time as always, though the drive is a bit of a hassle. This time my sister was able to take the train out from NYC to hang for the weekend, too. First time that part of Jay's family has met any of my side of the family. One of the things we kind of skipped by not having a wedding.

To answer some of the questions from the comments below, I found all our accommodations on - great site for finding all sorts of different places from B&Bs to larger hotels. As for the rest, we kind of played it by ear. I asked some of the Brits on the web forums I frequent for recommendations, which is how we ending up down on the coastal path near Poole, and up in the Lake District as well. We joined National Heritage while we were there, and that helped us locate some of the random manor houses and other historic attractions. Mostly we just looked at the tourist information available at the guest houses and tourist info in the towns and took it form there. Having a car made a huge difference as well. I don't think we could have gotten to many of those places without our own transportation.

Alrighty. Just checking in today, but I should have some actual content sometime in the next week. Unless all the thoughts in my head collide in another bottleneck...


Anonymous said...

Damn. Serves me right for not having checked your blog for seasons. I reckon that at least 4 times during your trip you were all of 15 minutes from me. I could have softened the exchange rate for you with a round of drinks at the Holiday Inn... Sorry Kate! Looked like you enjoyed the trip though!

sue said...

YAY... you're back posting.

Happy Belated Birthday to the sweetie!

It's okay to have bottlenecks. Just flush 'em out once in awhile... ;)

devan said...

Happy Birthday to Jay!