Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lame. Weak.

Okay, so the title is actually a quote from one of my favorite South Park episodes, but it's also rather apt for the blog recently, non?

Last week was a little crazy - lots of 12 hour days at the office... the Board of Trustees came to visit and I had to help present on "Student Success Strategies". Went pretty well, I think. It was also the last week that students were able to drop classes or withdraw without receiving failing grades on their transcripts, so that kept me running around. Sometimes the only strategy for success is a timely retreat.

Next week I'll be in Massachusetts for a two-day planning meeting relating to a grant we're working on with 5 other New England colleges. Someone else is driving the van, so at least I'll have a few hours of knitting time along the way. And I get my very own hotel room - oooh aaaah. Right. In any case, I think it's a really neat project and I mostly enjoy the company of the people I'll be going with, so it's all to the good, I suppose.

At home I've been on caulk and spackle patrol. Hoping to get the "medieval" room ready for some paint. The walls are in such bad shape that I hate to expend the energy until we can afford to replace the drywall and maybe - I dunno - cover the subflooring? But I simply cannot live with the faux stonework, reddish-brown walls, and sky blue ceiling for much longer. I mean, could you? I thought not.

I'll try to remember to take before and after pics. Too bad we already took down the wall sconces and the dungeon door. (You only think I'm kidding here.)

Regardless, we still love the house bunches and bunches. Just needs some tweaking... and to stop leaking in the upstairs bathroom. But that's another story.


Joel said...

Any chance you'll ever go back to writing?

kate said...

I'm working on it... intention is to finish my current project for NaNo instead of starting a new one.

Kevin said...

What dates are you going to be in MA, and where? It just so happens that I (and maybe Leann) will be in Northampton for the weekend if you're going to be anywhere near there...

kate said...

Nope - not near Northampton. And we're pretty scheduled, too... from 8am-8pm, and then tomorrow from 8am-1pm... and then a cheery 3.5 hour drive home.

And I think I'm allergic to this damn hotel room. Ahhhhhchoooo.

sue said...

Catching up... I'm stuck imagining that room. Wow.