Monday, October 01, 2007

No Shock

Finally got the deposit back from ye olde landlady. Of course, she told me that despite our previous understanding, she was keeping the 2nd half of the month's rent because her new tenants weren't able to move in right away like she thought they would be. (And this is our problem because...?)

But frankly, I'm so happy to be done with her (Except for the fact that we work together... sort of) that I don't even really care. Not having to deal with her brand of insanity except in a purely professional setting is fricking priceless. Or at least worth the $325 that she's keeping. Or so I'm telling myself.

How the hell did we live with her for 2 years?

It feels good to be free from renting. Very very good.


Leann said...

again, congrats!

sue said...

Sometimes you just don't find out what people are like until they show their "true colors"... I realize you probably hate giving up the money, but yeah, probably worth it to see her backside...

Again, lovely house. You are MUCH better off!