Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Revival - and a slightly new direction

Lately, especially because of the election blah-b'dee-blah, I've been really tempted to write some things on facebook, which is where I spend way too much of my online time. However, I don't really want to alienate the more religious of my friends, and I don't want to get into a debate with the more... Republican... among them either. Life is too damn short. This morning it occurred to me that I had a perfectly neglected blog which could be an outlet for my irritations. And so, I return. Thought for the day: Politics + Religion looks an awful lot like Megalomania + Mental Illness. A politician, like any other public performer, must have a wee bit of ego to want to go through the whole process of standing up in front of a crowd of people and thinking that the crowd will be interested in what they have to say. And that's good - we need people like that. Sadly, certain of those crowds seem to smack of mobs (or even lynch mobs), but that's another thought for another time. And if you look at the big picture of religion - which is pretty much "Don't be an asshole." (see Ten Commandments 4 through 10) - then I don't have a beef there. It's when you look at the specifics of religion that the crazy shines through. And when folks - particularly folks in politics - start leaning on the specifics of their selected religion as an excuse for bad behavior, THEN I have a flare up of my major rage issues. And that's all I have time for today...

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