Friday, August 17, 2012

Why I don't consider myself an atheist

It just seems like too big a commitment.

And when I say that, I don't mean it in the way that I've heard other wafflers speak of "well, I don't believe in religion, but maybe I believe in God because it would be better to believe than not to, just in case I'm wrong".

I mean it in that I just don't care.

What I believe or don't believe in terms of religion (or my favorite "spirituality") doesn't change a damn thing about the way I move through the world. It just seems a little ridiculous to me to say or think, "I do good in this world because God loves me." Sooooo.... if there were no "God", you would be a raging asshole instead? Awesome.

Recently I saw/shared a meme on facebook that read "Your beliefs don't make you a good person, your behavior does." And the thing is, I think that applies not only to my uber-xtian acquaintances, but also to my hardcore atheist friends. It's as if atheism has become another belief system which they feel the need to promote. And I get that we live in a xtian-dominated nation (GOP propaganda notwithstanding) and the urge to shove non-belief back in the faces of the WWJD crowd may be overwhelming, but dearsweetbabyjesus (ha ha) the smug satisfaction with which many atheists I know brandish their "critical thinking skills" is just about as offensive as the evangelical glow of "I love Jesus".

Blah blah blah.

So, I don't know whether there's a deity out there or not. I don't know whether he/she/it prefers a particular kid of worship or not. It doesn't matter to me. That said, I will not be exposing my daughter to religious hoopla until she's old enough to make reasoned choices. Same as with alcohol and other potentially addictive or damaging behaviors/substances.

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