Wednesday, March 12, 2003

I just want out!

Why in the world did I say I would stay for 3 weeks to help with training? Why? What in the world was I thinking? Aaagghhh!!! Every day I want to kill her more. Her being that creature who they tell me is my boss but who can't possibly be because she is so ignorant.

She doesn't ask questions, she makes demands. She doesn't pass on information, but tells me that I am the source of the problem because I don't communicate with her. She has great plans for the front desk, but they'll never come to pass because no one respects her.

On the up side... 12 more shifts and it will no longer be my problem.

Also - I got a great birthday package from the family this week. Girl Scout cookies, chocolates from my other family in France (host family from 1996 study abroad), a couple books, a teddy bear, some comfy clothes, and the cutest picture of me and my baby sister - she must be about 2 years old which would make me about 12 or 13. She's leaning on me as we watch TV and her little baby belly's hanging out and she sucking her thumb. Oddly enough, her other hand is not on her belly button, which is how she spent most of her toddler years: one thumb in her mouth with her index finger curled over her nose and the other index finger stuck in her belly button.

Such a cute baby she was.

But thank goodness for my baby sisters. Got to know the reality of babies early. Still want them, just not in so much of a hurry, if you know what I mean.

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