Friday, March 28, 2003


And so happy. At least for now. If I have more trouble than anticipated with the temping thing, maybe then I won't be so happy. But for now... bliss.

Had to postpone the GC trip for a week -- too much school stuff to get done before next Thursday to be traipsing off south. Alas. I imagine the place will still be there next week, though.

On the subject of Daves...

So I was reading this blog, Styrofoamkitty, in which the author mentions poor Dave experiences. So rings a bell. As I thought about the Daves I have known - only one in the biblical sense, swear - and every single one of them is kind of screwy. One cheated on all his girlfriends (one of whom was my friend and another who was my xcountry ski instructor... hello, awkward situation?), another is super anal (yet adorable in a I'd never go there sort of way) and conservative and just all around uptight and pissed off, another is with this chick who makes me crazy so there must be something wrong with him... just haven't put my finger on it yet.

But the main Dave - the David I obsessed over for way too long (like 4 years, okay?) - I have to say that though he really did a number on me, I learned a hell of a lot from the experience. I learned that being "in love" makes you stupid and blind and willing to overlook a lot of stuff that shouldn't be overlooked. I learned that a guy who doesn't like himself much won't appreciate the fact that you like him a lot. (Though, I confess, I made this mistake again briefly.) I learned not to believe everything that a guy told me when he was in the throws of yet another life crisis. I learned that sometimes it doesn't matter how much you love a person - sometimes it's not going to work out anyway. Most importantly, I learned that if I'm not good at being happy on my own, then I'm pretty well f**ked. Because being miserable unless someone else is around and paying attention to you SUCKS. SUCKS. SUCKS. It's a sucky way to live.

And that, folks, is why I think wedding ceremonies that emphasize putting someone else's needs and wants ahead of your own all the time is freaking stupid and a total recipe for disaster. So not smart.

And with that thought, I am going to go check on my highlights before the fumes make me pass out. It's time to be blonder again. Ha!

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