Thursday, September 18, 2003

KaBOOM! Sploooosh!

That's the sound of the dam of my two-year-long writer's block being blown up to let the river of creativity flow once again. It's a wonderful thing. Better received than blowing, say, Glen Canyon Dam would be.

Babbling, babbling...

Yes, so after two years of being able to produce NADA, I picked up the first fantasy novel I finished way back in 2001 and have begun to rewrite it.I wish I could simply revise it, but it needs too many changes for that.

Some scenes I've been able to keep almost word-for-word, but others have to be tossed and replaced. Plus, I'm fleshing out the two subplots, so that's all new stuff to be added. But the thing is, I've put enough time between writing and rewriting that I'm able to see the whole story... and the huge gaping holes.

My numbers thus far for about 2 weeks of writing whenever I can: 26,748 words. Not bad for me. In fact, extraordinarily good for me. AND - the big bonus: I know how the middle will go. Haven't decided on the end for sure, but the two options I am considering are hundreds of times better than the first attempt.

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