Friday, September 02, 2005

Thoughts from the shallow end

I probably won't get the chance to finish my last post until after the weekend, so I thought I would fill in with some less deep material.

I decided to learn how to knit. So on Sunday I bought this book.

On Tuesday I bought some cheapo yarn and knitting needles from the local variety store. (No, I had never heard of variety stores before last month either...)

On Wednesday I finished my first scarf using only "knit" stitches. That night I taught myself how to "purl".

Thursday I spent a few hours mastering "increases" and "decreases". I still haven't learned to knit "in the round" because I don't have the right kind of needles yet, but I'm ready for some good yarn to really get to work.

Now if only I could learn to throw a frisbee. I mean, throw it where I WANT it to go. And not, you know, onto rooftops or into busy roads or up in tall trees. It's just pathetic.

Convocation was yesterday. Jay looks so pretty in his new dress... I mean... robe. Regalia. That stuff. Though I've never seen a hat made from a velvet pillow before... but still cute. Heh.

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