Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Happier Days

Work is still making me sick, but I'm ignoring that for now in favor of making reservations for our upcoming trip to England in May. (Last minute? Who, me?)

So far I have 4 of the 13 nights covered... still need to confirm Salisbury, Keswick, and London. (Derby and York are all set). London might be set, but my former French host brother who was living in London (and with whom I intended to stay) informs me that he's now living in Tokyo. Tokyo! Crazy kid. But he thinks he can hook us up with one of his London friends (who we've actually met before).

But anyway... enough fun. Back to grading. Gag.


sue said...

That sounds so cool! Take lots and lots of pictures! Some of us never go anywhere and have to live vicariously through you. :)

kate said...

Salisbury now confirmed! Yay!

I shall try to remember to take pictures... more likely, I will just steal Jay's from his camera. Though he does tend to take a lot of pictures of hills and clouds and not so many of people and other things of actual interest. ;-)

sue said...

My husband calls those "dummy photos". I take lots of dummy photos. Especially with digital cameras where you don't have to pay for developing and can just delete 'em later. :)

Alex Roddie said...

Keswick is an EXCELLENT choice. The northern Lakeland fells are amazing!