Friday, April 27, 2007

Just one thing missing

Woo hoo! Finally heard back from my London contacts and we are! So we've got two nights in London, three in Salisbury (near Stonehenge, for you non-anglophiles), three in Derby, three in Keswick, one in York, and the last night back in London again. I also have our rental car reserved - can't wait to watch Jay drive stick backwards. Heh.

Just one thing needed though. My passport.

I sent in the renewal forms the last week of February. The forms said standard processing time is 6-8 weeks. Other people I've talked to have said that they received theirs in 7-8 weeks. Eight weeks would be today at the latest. And the passport could conceivably be in our rinky dinky post office right this very minute. However - and there's always a "however" - when I signed on to their website to check the status of my application, they are now claiming 10 weeks to be the norm. TEN. We leave in a little over 2 weeks. If it takes the full ten weeks, I won't get it until practically the day we leave. So if it doesn't show by Monday, I need to call and beg.

*imagine profanity of choice here*

I knew I should have forked over the extra $70-80 for expedited service.

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Anonymous said...

Call your congressman's office. They probably have someone there who's been tasked with working through the backlog created by recent rule changes and can get you your passport within days. It worked for my ex and the kids when they were in a similiar situation to yours.