Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Our Viewing Pleasure

Or displeasure, as the case may be.

Recently, Jay insisted that he, too, would like the responsibility of choosing movies via Netflix, so I set up a queue for him and allotted him one of our 3 at a time movie selections. So far... kind of hit or miss. He's done well with documentary selections, though they've centered around sex and profanity. (I'm a fan of both, of course, so that's fine.)

On the non-documentary front, he's not done as well. First there was Transformers: The Movie. Note that the remake, live-action version of this film is not yet released. That's what he though he was ordering. Nope. Instead, we received the 1986 cartoon version. Which I did enjoy... when I was TEN. We returned that one unwatched.

Last night we had Superman Returns. I think Jay summed it up well when he said, "It's like someone forgot to edit that movie."

Really, how does one make a dull movie about a comic book character? The only character worth watching was the little kid, and even he annoyed me at times. Gah.


sue said...

Every time I let Hubs pick the movie he swears he will NOT do that any more and that I will ALWAYS be the movie selector. Yeah... right... until the next time he wants to see some washed-up-kung-foo-guy. *rolling eyes*

kate said...


Well, I think J's learned the importance of reading carefully before adding something to the queue.

I've ordered a few bad ones myself, but my track record is a bit better. :-)