Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!

Just because I went to bed at 11:30 last night, that doesn't mean I don't know how to have fun. Really.

Started the year off right with a 6 mile cross country ski up Millcreek Canyon with Jay. Got there early enough to beat the crowds and enjoy the new snow. Lots of puppies on the trail coming down though... but not a single collision close call this time.

The Utah Writing Monkeys are starting to schedule meet'n'writes, which can only improve my chances of finishing the NaNo book. I think I need to external motivation to get cranking again. I reread parts of my NaNo WIP (that's National Novel Work in Progress, for the acronymically challenged), and it's not nearly as bad as I feared. A little wordier than it needs to be, and there are certain gaps in logic to be fixed, but I'm happy enough with it to feel good about pushing on to the end before going back to fix the inconsistencies.

And with that thought I will return to cruising other people's blogs and drinking my pomegranate cosmo. Yum. (citrus vodka, grand marnier, lime juice, pomegranate juice - I know it's not REALLY a Cosmo, but it's close enough.)

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