Saturday, January 08, 2005

Well well well

It seems that I won't be jobless after next week afterall. Not that I'll be in a good position, exactly, but at least I'll have some source of steady, reliable income. The school decided to add two reading classes and asked me to teach them. So it's only a 1/3 contract, but they arranged the schedule so I only teach three days a week (because we're on the screwy block schedule - four classes meet each day Mon-Thurs and all 8 meet on Friday), so I will be able to sub two days/week, plus afternoons for the other part time teachers who only have afternoon classes.

And if my licensure ever comes through, I could get that part time job with Sylvan Learning Center and do a few evenings a week there.

The only bad news is that I seem to have picked up a nasty bug at school this week. I was fine until Friday afternoon and then it hit me like a brick. Ugh. So I had to fight my way through this morning's Praxis exam (French: Content Knowledge) with fever and chills and a handful of kleenex. My nose is rubbed raw and I feel like someone's been beating me around the head and shoulders. Gah. Definitely one of the drawbacks to working with kids.

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