Sunday, April 03, 2005

So Romantic

So, okay, we're not the most romantically inclined couple in the world. This seems to worry Jay more than it does me, though for the most part we just accept that we are not gushy gushy sappy no-I-love-you-more kind of people. He's started calling me "wife" and I usually respond by calling him "bitch". Hey, it works for us. It helps that I have a rather twisted sense of humor. (See below commentary on marriage charts and data collection.)

So perhaps it doesn't seem so odd that Jay is still alive after mumbling the following words the other night in bed.

"Could you just roll over so I can hump you or something? I need to get my mind off work so I can sleep."

Can you imagine our wedding vows now? Yeah, me too. Scary.

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