Thursday, March 31, 2005


On Tuesday I had a phone interview with the foreign language department chair at a private school in Vermont where it would be really nice to have a job next year. That one went fairly well, I thought.

This morning I had another phone interview with one of the current French teachers at the school. This one was all in French. Gah. First, I am NOT A MORNING PERSON. At all. Second, I've been in Utah for four years now... not the most Francophone place in the world. I'm rusty. Give me three months in France, and I'd be back to fluency, but right now... not so much. I understand just fine, but my speaking is not perfect. I also am still recovering from a minor sinus/chest cold.

So I don't think this one went nearly as well. Sigh.

I still have to talk to the Dean of Students and the Residential Life Director... we shall see. The good thing is that the school needs to fill two French positions, not just one, so I think that improves my chances significantly.

But I feel distinctly less confident today.

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