Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I found a part time job for the summer.

No really. I shock myself.

I saw a sign in the window of a new store that's opening in the nearby metropolis (ha ha) where I do my grocery shopping. Experienced Knitter Wanted for Part Time Help. No job description, just a phone number.

And I called.

And the store owner called me back.

And I went in to see her with a bag full of my recent knitting (which I will eventually post pictures of, but some things are intended as gifts to people who read this so they will have to wait).

And she loved my work.

And even though she was primarily looking for someone to open the store every day (which I can't do), she wants me to be "an independent contractor" for the store, helping with knit samples, filling in for her or the other employee, and even teaching classes this summer.

How cool is that?

Pretty cool.


Anonymous said...

K1 -
That sounds great. I keep meaning to call and check in. Hope things are well up there...

Hug Jay for me.


Karen said...

Hey, that's great! Much more fun than annoying students.

Have you got your passport yet?


nita said...

yay! that hat you knit for rio was so awesome that i perched in on her giant head waaaay past when it was cute :)

sue said...

YAY! What a fun job! congrats... it's gonna be an interesting summer.

kate said...

Passport... no. Yes, I'm worried. Yes, it's "being processed", though I can't get through on the phone to make sure it really will be here by the 15th. If it doesn't show by Tueday, I think I'll make an appointment at the regional center in Boston, though that would suck.

Thanks. :-)