Monday, May 07, 2007

Cursing, much cursing

This is so not good.

I spent two and a half hours on the phone with the passport agency (most of that time on hold or cycling through the voicemail options, of course). Despite the fact that I mailed my renewal application at the end of February, it was not logged in until the end of March. It is currently being processed in New Hampshire. The guy I talked to sent an emergency email to the center and said that would most likely get my passport to me before we leave (IN EIGHT DAYS!!!!! yes, I need all those exclamation points because they're standing in for the cussing, okay?).


So I tried to make an appointment at the regional passport center in Boston. First available appointment? May 18th. We're supposed to leave May 15th. Not helping.

Either my passport shows up this week, or this trip might not be happening after all.


kate said...

Okay, so the collective wisdom of the Knittyboard says to call my state senator if I don't have a passport tomorrow.

Bernie, I might be counting on you. I voted for you, now help a girl out!

sue said...

Keep thinking good thoughts... I will... oh, and BREATHE, hun. (I don't mean in that panicky way, either.)