Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I think I might just love my elected official now

Or at least, I love his staff.

24 hours after my call to Bernie Sanders's Burlington office, I got a call back. The staffer spoke to the National Passport Agency people and they expedited my passport and are sending it Fed Ex. I even have a tracking number.

I'm still anxious, but not vomitously so.

And on the upside, my nervous energy allowed me to finish this next project in only 8 days.

lace scarf #20 edging

close up lace scarf w/ #20 edging

It still needs to have a crochet edging added to the short sides, and then, of course, it needs to be blocked, but I'm pretty amazed at how quickly this went.

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sue said...

YAY! ... she's gonna GO AWAY! Ahem... maybe that didn't come out quite right. ;)

Gorgeous piece of work there... my gosh you have patience! 8 Days? Holy cow!

btw~~ you've been tagged.