Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Denver wedding was very nice - had a great time hanging out with two really neat women from college who I knew then, but not all that well. And it's always nice to breathe the dry air of the Mountain Time Zone.

Picture added: left to right - Sarah, Jess, and Kathryn the bride.

Kathryn's wedding welcome party

And now we're off again! Should be in London in about 15 hours. (Unless my sleepy calculations are totally wrong.)

See you in June!


sue said...

Have a GREAT trip!!! See ya on the flip side~~~

nita said...

geez. i hope you have the best time ever!

Alex Roddie said...

Hey, hope you're having a good trip! Are you still going to the Lakes? Weather's great there at the moment!

sue said...

*Tapping toe impatiently.* *Looking at watch.* *Looking at calendar.* It's JUNE!!! ~~~~~