Wednesday, February 19, 2003

In my family... we don't say "bipolar", we say "moody".

I come from a long line of moody people. Shall we say.

I've been scraping bottom for a couple weeks now and I finally seem to have rebounded to a manic high. Which can be as scary as the lows, because at least during the lows I manage to keep a solid grip on who I am and what I'm doing here. Here, as in "on the planet Earth". The manic highs seem to have an eerie dissociative property to them. However, I'm going to combat them this time by going to the mall, mailing my Karlyn's birthday present (only a week late!!), and spending more money. Yay!

Thank god there's only 9 days left in this month. I don't think I could survive many more. And still, I'm revving here... by brain chemistry is fun-ky. Funky. But I'm okay with that. Today.

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