Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Make a fricking decision!!! Okay. Let me just say that I appreciate working with different personality types and alternative thinkers and whatnot through my school stuff. What I do not appreciate is working with people who cannot make a single stupid decision without second and third and fourth guessing themselves. As soon as I think we've reached a consensus -- about where and when to meet for our group work -- I'll get another email or voice mail saying, "oh, well, or we could do this instead - let me know!" And then, I get a listing of 4 different phone numbers where she might be when I get a chance to try to track her down. Does she not understand how this is driving me crazy?? Does she have so little faith in herself or does she just drink too much coffee. No - she drinks lattes. Must be dairy poisoning.

I know she understands that she's pissing me off, but she doesn't understand why. Like last time we met, she had left me a voicemail message saying that since no one had emailed her back that night about our meeting (we had agreed on a time and place at the last class) she was so tired that she would assume that we were not meeting. When did I get this message? At 1:30am after I got home from work. We were to meet at 9am. Tired? Tired? Fuck, woman. I'll show you tired. So when she wasn't there at 9:10, we called her at home. Fortunately, she showed 5 minutes later. Tired as I was, I suppose I was less than gracious and/or coherent. So later that night she sent me an "apology" email -- the kind where she writes that she's sorry but does it in such a way that shows that she thinks I'm the one who's being unreasonable. Yeah. Classic passive-agressive Junior High.

Got a problem. Tell me about it. I'm a good listener, but I won't hold your hand. I expect that sort of behavior from children and teenagers. Once you make it to your mid-late twenties, I expect a certain level of maturity. Which is probably my first problem, eh? How many 40 year olds do I work with who haven't mastered those basic abilities? You just don't want to know.

Maybe I should change the name of this page to "Kate Rants and Raves". Ah well. I'm in a better mood just for writing it down. And that's why I put this thing together in the first place. Ciao!

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