Wednesday, April 09, 2003

The end of the break

Got back last night from my weekend away - my postponed Grand Canyon trip. For the most part, I was a lazy bum. I didn't hike to the bottom because I knew I'd be in massive pain driving home and also because most of the people I knew at Phantom are no longer there. So I drove down to Flagstaff for a day and walked along the rim and found a nice sunny spot to sit and read and banish the paleness of my face and arms. All in all, a worthwhile trip for me.

But now I must get down to business. In other words - I need to be working again. The two weeks off was lovely, but if I let myself drift any longer, I might not be able to get back on track as easily. Blech.

So... enough screwing around in front of the computer today. I must get cleaned up and presentable and call the temp people and go to the bank and pay for my next class and... and... and. Staying here in front of the computer sounds like a better idea though. In the short run, of course.

Unfortunately, I'm off to be responsible. Gah.

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