Sunday, April 20, 2003

Once a slacker...

Not always slacker. I haven't been online as much lately for two reasons. One, I'm working for the temp agency now. Thank goodness - no longer hemorrhaging money. And two, I've been spending most of my free time in the library (working on relearning all the french I've forgotten) or in the gym (trying to lose my pudgebaby before the end of July - wedding to go to and a dress I'd like to wear...).

So I'm a lot healthier, and I'm discovering that most of what I've lost is how to conjugate irregular verbs. Damn those irregular verbs.

Re the work situation... I am soooo glad this assignment only lasts 7 days. The guy I'm working with obviously doesn't usually work with other people. He's not mean or rude or anything. Quite the contrary - he won't shut up and he repeats himself constantly. And I can't ignore him or he will just keep on repeating himself until I respond. The work itself is easy. I open the packages from the credit unions, sort their paperwork to make sure we have all the correct reports and the data tape, find the file from the previous year, enter all the data into the computer, fax a confirmation of receipt to the appropriate credit union, and load the tape into the computer downstairs. This takes about half of a half of my concentration. My little friend, however, seems to think this is terribly complex and keeps asking me if I am okay. He doesn't want to be mean, doesn't want to be a slavedriver, doesn't want to overwhelm me...

That said, it is kind of nice to do something mindless for a little while. No phones ringing that I have to answer, no angry people asking to talk to me, no employees whining for help with every little thing... yeah, I need a break from that sort of thing.

Evidentally, a few more people are leaving the hotel. Hah. Key people dropping out every which way. Ran into one of the room service guys at the liquor store right before his shift. Picking up a bottle of Stoli... to drink at work? I didn't ask. The front desk's interdepartmental relations have broken down quite a bit since I've been gone, from what I hear. Kind of sad, but kind of gratifying, too. heh heh.

Alrighty - going biking with Jay. Hopefully I'll add some color to my pale and pasty white legs. Eeek.

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