Friday, April 11, 2003

Thank you, kerriberri

Just a public thank you to my babiest sister who bailed me out of my homework problem yesterday. I had to interview 3 highschool students about crucial issues in their lives. Not yet being a teacher, I don't have ready access to teenagers without being creepy, so I was sort of stressing over that part of the assignment -- because naturally I hadn't even looked at it until the day before it was due (because I was out of town, granted). And then I remembered! I know high school students! Or a high school student. Ms. Kerri Kathryn, younger sister extraordinaire.

She and her nice little boyfriend the Gregmeister tolerated my questions, even though I was apparently interrupting a belching contest... you go, girl!

So what do high school kids worry about in my old neighborhood? 1. Getting fat 2. Failing their classes 3. the war

Not so different from what some of my friends worry about.

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