Saturday, January 27, 2007

Computers and Viruses

Fortunately, while I have both in common, they are not otherwise connected.

The new computer came in on Tuesday - beautiful, shiny, fully functional - but I felt so crappy I didn't get it set up until Thursday. Tuesday started out with stomach cramps and a general feeling of grogginess. Wednesday shifted to fever and shakes. Thursday more of the same. Friday better but still shaky. Haven't been up long enough today to know if I'm feeling significantly better or not.

Meh. I seem to get sick at least once a term - usually right at the beginning. At least this time I have web access at home and a new computer that can handle all sorts of nifty features I was previously lacking. For instance... being able to post to the blog.


26571004 said...

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sue said...

There's been a LOT of crap going around...

I still haven't gotten my new computer 100% re-stocked with my old stuff. Plus, of course, I decided a new computer meant cleaning out the office and that led to having to buy shelving that had to be put together... I think you see the picture.

Take care and get better SOON.

Alex said...

Hmmm everyone at my end seems to be coming down with the flu (or manflu in some cases, I highly suspect). Luckily I haven't caught it yet but it's probably only a matter of time. Get well soon! :)

I am envious of your new computer ... my iBook's only a year old but all my friends seem to be getting shiny new MacBooks, and it's not fair dammit!