Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Messin' with the colors

Decided I needed a new color scheme to go with the new photo. (Last photo has been up for 4 years... time for a change.)

Let me know if the colors look weird on your monitor. They're nice and mellow - kind of faded - on mine.


stupormom said...

i think it looks lovely; just like you!

kate said...

Gasp! You are alive! (reading your recent posts, I was kind of worried...)

And thanks for the flattery... I could certainly use some after this crap day.

k2 said...

I like the colors!

Did you happen to talk to Rob on his birthday? K3 and I left messages, but never heard from him. Just curious. Hug Jay for me!

Love you

kate said...

K2 -

Yep, I got hold of Robby late (after 10:30). He was at a comedy club that night.

He's not so great at returning messages.

Also - he was with someone (female)... don't know who. We got cut off.

devan said...

I dig the new colors.

sue said...

I love it! Especially like the new picture... the other "smooshed" one made it hard to tell what you really looked like! :)