Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Good news

We finally hooked up the web access at home, so I might actually return to more regular posting.

Then again... my teaching schedule for the spring term just got turned upside down. One section of the class I've been teaching is probably going to be cancelled due to low enrollment. Good news side is that I have been offered 2 sections of a higher level course, but that means scrambling to put together a new course (admittedly one with a very established curriculum) and grading about 50 student papers for each assignment instead of the 35 I had last term.

We shall see.


Karen said...

Yeah. More posts. At least the new papers should require less screaming and tearing of hair on your part.

sue said...

More posting... YES!

sue said...

Ahem!! I said... More posting...YES! (Looking at the calendar and seeing two days have passed...)