Monday, January 15, 2007


Apparently my aging computer (a 1999 iBook with a 2002 software upgrade) isn't compatible with the changes to Blogger, so I'm only able to post from work for now.

Enjoyed a visit from my younger sister (the one in NYC) this weekend and now I'm scrambling to get ready for classes starting Wednesday. Cobbling together a syllabus in two days for a course I've never taught - and which is taught very differently by all the instructors who do teach it - is proving to be quite interesting.

With interesting being a euphemism for other, more colorful words, of course.

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devan said...

Good luck with the new class!

Elizabeth and I just sent out an Evite to your old alumni Dartmouth email address.

I tried the old telephone # I had, but it's been changed. Wanted to clarify a few things, please get back to me.