Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Runaround

I'm back up and running, but unfortunately, some people are keeping me running around in circles. Bastards. Must be a conspiracy.

Today marks my second round of attempting to get a new passport photo taken so I can renew my (thankfully) expired passport in time for our trip in May. My expired passport features a picture taken when I was in college - 20 years old, wearing a plaid shirt and sporting slightly crooked bangs. I am truly delighted to be free of it. However. Last week I tried to get my picture taken at no less than three area drug stores (who advertise passport photo services) only to find that two of them had broken equipment and the other wouldn't be set up until next week.

Yesterday I received a generic mailing from the US Postal Services about local post offices that were now set up to take passport photos and handle the entire application or renewal process. On my way home from running errands, I stopped in at the nearest one.

Surprise! Despite the information on the mailer (and on the USPS website), that particular location won't be set up for passport services for at least another week. Grrrr.

The woman behind the counter assured me that another location near me (not really in my path, but only about 15 miles out of my way) was already set up. So I'll give it one more shot this afternoon. I guess.

This is not helping with my nightmares in which I arrive at the airport only to remember that I never renewed my passport and they won't let me leave the country. Not good dreams. :shudder shudder:

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sue said...

Dare I say, better to not get out of the country than to not be able to get back in? Yeah, I'm a devil's advocate.