Friday, July 11, 2003

Drugs aren't ALL bad

Normally I'm not a big fan of medication - barring the whole conception prevention variety - but I am drugged to the gills (for me) and just barely regaining functionality.

See, my allergies have attacked with a vengeance, so I broke down an splurged on some Claritin-D, aka My New Best Friend. I can breathe again. Through my nose and everything. Considering that my twice-broken nose doesn't work well under the best of circumstances, this is a Very Nice Thing.

And then this fricking heat has the migraines cranking... blinding pain and nausea. So I added some Exedrin Migraine, aka My Long Time Lover, to the mix and now I can actually see well enough to look at the computer again.

I really need to make an eye appointment and get new glasses. My last trip to the opthalmologist was back in 1997, so I am a wee bit overdue. But now that I have health insurance, I can go! Yay! So exciting.

So with all this added incentive to crawl into a dark, cool hole and die, my trip to the gym this morning should gain me extra weight-loss points, neh? If only.

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