Thursday, July 24, 2003

Generation Gap

Honestly, this IM was so disturbing to me, I had to share. My baby sister's IMdentity has been changed, since she's underage. Mlle D'Or would be me. A mere 10 and a half years separates our ages... but the culture gap? Shocking. Just shocking.

K3: have you heard the song "right thurr"
mlledor: Gaaaahh I fricking HATE that song!!! AAAGgghhhhhH!!!!
K3: hahahaha. it's the song right and my friedns LOVE it. plus my nick name nowadays is "kurr" and in the remix of right thurr trina says kurr as care and it's so awesome!!
mlledor: You are sick sick puppies. That is the worst song I have ever ever heard. And when I was your age, Vanilla Ice was popular, so what does that tell you?
K3: hahaha lol. yea you def listened to some weird ass shit
mlledor: you know, a "cur" is a mean dog, right?
K3: nope
mlledor: I never said I actually *listened* to Vanilla Ice. Just that he was on the radio when I was in HS
mlledor: PLEASE.
K3: hahah. shush
mlledor: How did you stray into rap music anyway? You live in the suburbs?
mlledor: It just seems wrong
K3: haha..lebo has gotten really ghetto
mlledor: What? What do you mean, "ghetto"? Like, on purpose?
K3: umm....
mlledor: Tell me that the boys don't wear their pants under their asses. Please, for the love of god, NO!
K3: a whole bunch of black kids go there now....and we have many wannbes
K3: haha. we have everything
mlledor: Oh my god. there's... diversity? Is that allowed?
K3: like you see every kinda dress
mlledor: But the whole pants under the ass thing started in the prison system.. so they would know who the... uh... bitches were.
K3: yea mom told me that!
mlledor: Don't they know that? It's like asking someone to assf**k you. Duh.
K3: and i think she said that to rob (new boyfriend) tonight actually. duh
mlledor: tell me he knows which side of his ass his pants belong on... please.
mlledor: Your silence makes me wonder. Is he an assboy?
K3: hahaha. he's rather skinny so they fall sometiems but usally there's up
mlledor: I'm looking at that picture of you and me on the couch... you look so sweet and innocent. What happened? ;-)
K3: hmm... i was like 4 kate
mlledor: You were like 2, Kerri. Because I stopped wearing that sweater when I was 13 - at the latest.
K3: good. it was ugly
mlledor: You're still only 7 in my mind. Leaning out the van window saying "Go ahead, talk to someone"
mlledor: Shit. that was 9 years ago. I'm getting old.
K3: yea. you're showing it too
K3: haha i'm joking
mlledor: thanks.
mlledor: you little Cur

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