Thursday, July 17, 2003

Rule Changing

I hate it when people are constantly changing the rules. In this case, I mean a situation where I've already set my expectations for one thing and then I'm told - "oh, well actually..."

See, there's this wedding next weekend. There's also a wedding this weekend - which I am missing because I couldn't afford both trips. I had intended to go to the earlier wedding because it's for two of Jay's college friends whom I have never met. HOWEVER, the bride from the later wedding lives here in Utah and begged me to come to her deal instead. I am a sucker for such things. So I changed my plans and bought tickets for next weekend.

And since then, it's been one thing after another. First of all, Jay's in this stupid wedding, so I won't get to hang out with him much. Almost all the other people I know are in the wedding, so I won't see much of them either. Two of the people I would have enjoyed hanging out with decided that they weren't going. Hmmm. This is going to be a church wedding with a full wedding mass. Who am I supposed to roll my eyes at? Argh.

But it gets better. Jay told me to fly into Newark instead of JFK because then he could pick me up and we could spend the night at his dad's place. Except that the groom just told him two weeks ago that the rehearsal is at the same time as my plane gets in. So I have to take the shuttle to JFK (in rush hour) and then pay for a taxi to wherever the group is at that point - probably the rehearsal dinner. I checked as soon as I found out, but it would cost me as much as the tickets cost to change airports. Did I mention that I am unemployed?

Oh, but wait. I won't be able to ride to the wedding or from the wedding to the reception with Jay either because the wedding party will be traveling by limo. Fan-frickin-tastic.

And yet, I'm still going. I almost backed out. Last night was not fun. Anyway. I'll try to be less cranky in my next post. Promise.

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