Monday, July 21, 2003

Interview, round one

Just got home from a job interview. Yes, an interview for a job. A job with a fairly new (6 months old) consulting company as their receptionist/admin assistant.

I passed round one with their office manager - round two with one of the partners will be either monday or tuesday of next week.

Pay is decent: $10/hr, though she indicated that it will probably go salary - in other words, no overtime. To compare for the area, receptionist positions usually start at $8/hr and office assistants around $8 or $9/hr. Low cost of living out here... The office is a five minute drive or a ten minute bus ride from my house. Atmosphere seems to be professional but relaxed. I wouldn't say no if they offer it to me. (Of course, there's not as much that I would say no to as there used to be.)

Also on the bright side of my life - I figured out my transportation issues for the wedding this weekend. I just have to take a train into Penn Station and then pick up the Hempstead Line of the Long Island Railroad out to Garden City where Jay will be picking me up even if he has to walk out of the rehearsal to do so.


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